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School information

Teachers are able to associate themselves with schools that are then selectable by students on their application. In doing so, students' submissions are visible by any teacher(s) associated with their selected school.

If you create a new school, your school will be visible and selectable by all teachers and students on their applications. You can come back and edit your school's information later.

Alternately, you can select your school from the dropdown list and check to see if any other students or teachers from your school have already registered.

Viewing student entries

On the student submission status page, you can view a list of all students associated with your school. This includes both student users who have submitted their own entries and selected your school on their applications—regardless of whom they've selected as their teacher—and students whose entries were submitted by you or another teacher also associated with your school.

Submissions are only considered complete when a student's application is complete and s/he has submitted a sijo and/or essay. Mouseover the status of each entry for details.

Submissions sent by student users are not editable by teachers, nor are their full applications visible.

You can export your students' submissions as PDF entries, either individually or in one collective PDF. Right click the link and select "save as", or click to view in browser. (Student names are added to the header for teacher exports but will not be included in the final version sent to judges.)

Submitting student entries

School information must be completed before submitting a student entry.

In order to simplify the process for teachers, we do not require a full student application. Nonetheless, at least one student contact information field is required. Please ensure this is a valid method of contacting the student. We respect the privacy of all students and participants of the competition, but if a teacher-submitted student is selected as a winner or honorable mention and cannot be reached, his/her prize will be forfeited.

Submissions should be copy/pasted into the provided text box. Basic formatting is permitted, but student identifiers (student or teacher name, grade, etc.) must not be present in the essay.

If a student's essay includes a bibliography, please include it in the additional essay references text box and not the main body, or it will be included in their total word count.

Once you've completed a student's entry, you may add another student or select finish to return to your dashboard.