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Powerpoint Slides
     Sijo structure and samples -
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A Basic Guide to Writing Sijo
   Basic guide to writing sijo
   Sijo samples

Sijo Teaching Lesson Plans
   Reading and Writing the Sijo by Tracy Kaminer (.pdf) (updated 10/22/2020)
   Sijo lesson plans by Elizabeth Jorgensen (.pdf)
   Writing Haiku and Sijo by Chuck Newell (.pdf) (updated 10/22/2020)
   Sijo lesson plans by Deb Holland(.pdf)
   Sijo teaching with wildlife thriving in DMZ by Nia Gibson (.pdf)
   Worksheets for sijo planning, writing and peer review by Elizabeth Jorgensen (.pdf)
   Worksheets for sijo writing (revised 2024) by Lucy Park (.pdf)

Sijo Reference
   Essence of Sijo by Jang Gyung-ryul (.pdf)
   Sijo: Power in Diversity by Elizabeth Jorgensen (.pdf)
   Teaching Poetry with Student Exemplars by Elizabeth Jorgensen (.pdf)
   Inquiry, Questioning and Art of Korean Poetry by Elizabeth Jorgensen (.pdf)
   Korean Poetry Competition provides Opportunity for Students by Elizabeth Jorgensens (.pdf)
   A Korean Poetry Competition Motivates Students to Write by Elizabeth Jorgensens (Teachers & Writers Magazine)
   Korean Poetry Form Connects Students to Curriculum and Self by Elizabeth Jorgensens (.pdf)
   Structure of the Korean Sijo by David McCann (.pdf)
   The Sijo, A Window into Korean Culture by David McCann (.pdf)
   Further readings on sijo

Sijo Reference Book from Sejong Cultural Society

SIJO; Korea's Poetry Form (Edited by Lucy Park & Elizabeth Jorgensen)
Published by ParkYoung Publishing Co in Korea (2/2022)

Video Recordings of Sijo Lectures

"YouTube Channel Sejong Cultural Society ("Writing-Sijo References)"

Lectures: Professor David McCann
   Part 1: form and structure (9:21)
   Part 2: history (5:32)
   Part 3: sample analysis of sijo (13:33)

Lectures: Professor Mark Peterson
   Lecture 1: Rhythm of sijo and classic masterpieces (9:55)
   Lecture 2: Correcting sijo (12:11)
   Lecture 3: Teaching sijo through mimicry (4:30)
   Lecture 4: Creating sijo from other texts (6:35)
   Lecture 5: Sijo and haiku (5:35)

Video Recording of Sijo Classes

Video Recordings of High School Sijo Classes
   Ms Elizabeth Jorgensen and Ms Heidi Hamilton (Arrowhead Union High School, Hartland, WI)
         Day 1 of 2 (45:08)
         Day 2 of 2 (24:23)
   Mr Chuck Newell (Notre Dame High School, Chattanooga, TN)
         Day 1 of 2 (42:35)
         Day 2 of 2 (33:12)
   Ms Tracy Kaminer (Randolph-Macon Academy, Front Royal, VA) (44:19)
   Ms. Deb Holland (D'Evelyn Jr/Sr High School, Denver, CO) (40:09)

Video Recordings of Sijo Class for Elementary School Students
   By Ms. Elizabeth Jorgensen
     Part 1: What is Sijo? (12:18)
     Part 2: Let's Read Sijo (9:42)
     Part 3: Write Your Sijo (15:14)
     Part 4: Share Your Sijo (22:22)

Video Recording of Sijo and Music Concerts
  Sijo Poetry and Music at Rush Hour Concerts
  Music Inspired by Korean Poetry at Poetry Foundation


Commentary on Sijo in US by Professor Mark Peterson (Sijo competition judge)

What makes Sijo good ? - Prof Mark Peterson analizes and comments on winning sijo from the past Sejong Sijo Competitions. " the really better Sijo are ones that touch on really important issues or some emotional tie ..." (YouTube Chanel - The Frog Outside Well, 11/4/2019 posting, Sijo #3)

What is important in translating Sijo? - Prof Mark Peterson emphasizes that "a sijo, in translation, should be a sijo...." (YouTube Chanel - The Frog Outside Well, 10/29/2019 posting, SIjo #2)

Korean Sijo VS Japanese Haiku - How does Sijo develop in Korea, How does Sijo compare with other writings... " And my hope is that Sijo will atain that level (Haiku) of popularity and usage in America as well...." Prof Mark Peterson (YouTube Chanel - The Frog Outside Well, 10/20/2019 posting, SIjo #1)



Korean Literature and Folk Tales Reference

  Korean Literature
    Cranes by Hwang Sun-won (.pdf)
    An Appointment with His Brother by Yi Mun-yol (.pdf)
    A Shower by Hwang Sun-Won (1953) (.pdf)
    Run, Dad! by Kim Aeran (.pdf)
    Kapitan Ri by Chon Kwangyong (.pdf)
    The Glass Shield by Kim Jung-hyuk (.pdf)
    Mama and the Boarder by Chu Yo-sop (.pdf)
    That Girl's House by Park Wan-suh (.pdf)
    The Poplar Tree by Choi Inho (.pdf)

Korean folktales



Korean Traditional Music and Dance Reference

  Korean music samples (audio and video clips)
  Korean Dance and Music (14 videos - playlist)
  Bongsan Mask-Dance Drama (video, 3:28)



History of Korea

Powerpoint Slides (downloadable)
  A Brief Overview of the History and Culture of Korea -
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Teaching: Lessons and Resources for K-12 Classrooms
  E-Book ( Korea and Korean American History (Editor: Mary E. Connor)