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General information
A Brief Overview of the History and Culture of Korea (.ppt)
A Brief Overview of the History and Culture of Korea (.pdf)

Teaching guides
Sijo structure and samples (.ppt)
Sijo structure and samples (.pdf)
Reading and Writing the Sijo by Tracy Kaminer (.doc)
Korean Sijo by Amy Stoltenberg (.doc)
Writing Haiku and Sijo: Showing the Differences in East Asian Cultures by Chuck Newell (.docx)
Sijo lesson plans by Elizabeth Jorgensen (.pdf)

Writing competition
Sijo Primer (an introduction for those new to sijo) by Larry Gross (.pdf)
Structure of the Korean Sijo by David McCann (.pdf)

Sijo lectures by David McCann
Part 1: form and structure
Part 2: history
Part 3: sample analysis of sijo

Sijo lecture series by Mark Peterson
Lecture 1: Rhythm of sijo and classic masterpieces
Lecture 2: Correcting sijo
Lecture 3: Teaching sijo through mimicry
Lecture 4: Creating sijo from other texts
Lecture 5: Sijo and haiku

2011 & 2012 senior essay division
"Cranes" by Hwang Sun-won, translated by David McCann (.pdf)
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Writing competition
Basic guide to writing sijo
Sijo samples
Further reading on sijo
Video examples of teachers using sijo in classes

Korean folktales index (junior essay division)

Music composition competition
Korean music samples (audio and video clips)