2022 Wisconsin Sijo Competition

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Winners' Sijo

Adult division

Jenna K Rindo

adult gran prize winner

Should the Blossoms Survive

She shovels winter’s ashes into a pail. Soft soot will feed
spring’s first pink tulips and the taproots of thistle. The queen bee sleeps.
Her phone rings. Next month she begins a double blind chemo trial.


Paul Walter

adult runner-up

Sunrise Walk on the Ice Age Trail

This fall morning, steam off the drainage marsh copies my coffee cup.
Black birds balance on white-tufted cattails like the last few flecks
of pepper in my mostly salty beard. Frost is forecasted soon.




Senior division

Abby Walter

senior grand prize winner

Fading to the Farmhouse Bench

My quick-witted grandfather
    now asks if he’s had dinner.
He asks the name of the grandchild
    beside him at the table.
Still, he recalls each meal on the farm
    between brothers Mike and Bill.



Ella Forsterling

senior runner-up


clouds stand still, they look painted
    on the canvas of the blue sky.
soft grass tickles my arms and legs.
    birds chirp loud. not loud enough,
to drown out the screams and yelling
    of my parents inside the house



Carly Hytinen

senior runner-up


She holds our past, our love, our future. She knows our weakness and strength.
She dances with the stars and glimmers in the bright sun, floating above it all.
“The moon is quite beautiful, isn’t she?” "Yes, she's breathtaking."



Junior division

Celia Rademan

junior grand prize winner

Winter Nights

The pale moonlight reflects on the white snow, casting shadows.
The tree branches hitting each other in an endless fight
finally, peace for the rest of the night. I sleep until morning.



Gavin Hughes

junior runner-up

Farm Life

Cows can be naughty and some can be nice but be careful!
It is hard to pick up after the cow but I can not give up.
When the power goes out it is hard to milk the cows by hand.