2024 Wisconsin Sijo Competition

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Winners' Sijo

Adult division

Elizabeth Jorgensen

adult grand prize winner

Take From Creative Writing

rule of thirds; anaphora; synesthesia; innovation.
dialogue; hyperbole, repetition; powerful ends.
the knowledge: your voice has power; your words matter; you matter.


Roman Montemorano

adult runner-up

Mirror Luna

Tides wrinkle elaborate, towering crests. My wave burbles.
In the foam I find my dream: not one bubble, a trillion grains.
My full hands grab infinities. My eyes release. I recede.




Senior division

Payton Teel

senior grand prize winner

Natural Beauty

Roads unfold like untold stories, each turn a new surprise.
Oceans, beaches, whispering tales under the clear blue skies.
The greatest journey is finding comfort in being alone.



Jessica Heckenkamp

senior runner-up


I sit under the navy sky, watching the bright lights explode.
Beautiful colors, patterns. People are like fireworks, I think.
After you’re mesmerized by their bangs, their colors change.



Elyse Jungbluth

senior runner-up


The flowers bloom in spring, as the world wakes into a bright view.
Sometimes the rain falls, and the skies turn gray and I think of you.
For us who grieve, the seasons may change, but the pain feels brand new.



Landon Kozlowski

senior runner-up

Electric Midnight

A cold stillness - snow on the ground and a shroud of silence.
Glowing icy green - the frozen floor charged alive with shadows.
I face the moonlight and see what robs the night of its darkness.



Junior division

Carder Phillippi

junior grand prize winner

The Sun and the Moon

The moon, a thief in the night, stealing all of the sun’s light.
The sun, an ember in the sky, or a king for all that pass by.
When they meet, darkness for a bit until the sun rises.