2008 Sejong Writing Competition

Winning Entries :: Sijo

Jacob Diamond

first place


I look through the window of the Korean barbeque place.
Ducks, chickens, creatures big and small, hang from the gallows of the cook.
Step inside and join the culture, leave your wishes at the door.

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James Merideth

second place

True Beauty

There’s a house on the seashore, undisturbed by rot or decay.
In the house, there’s a woman, whose beauty outshines the great bay.
Yet, her flesh feels cold as ice; her eyes are closed; her breath is still.

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Michael Chung

third place tie

Dreams on a Lake

I’m floating on the dark lake, dreaming I’m floating on a cloud
The surface of my tanned skin tingling as water dries on it
A man yells, “Hello, good neighbor!” breaking my dreams to pieces.

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Janelle Torres

third place tie

Who Am I? Who Are You?

You want to know who I am,
   But the true question is who are you?
I have told you once before
   I’m the smoke to your fire,
I’m that lie you can trust,
   I’m you as you come to me in your dreams

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