2010 Sejong Writing Competition

Winning Entries :: Sijo

Sean Alaniz

first place

Shift Work

Another day at the pet shop
   Grumpy cats, hyper puppies
Another puddle, more screaming kids
   One loose bird, two missing ferrets
Nine o’clock! Not my problem tonight
   I’m heading home, straight to my bed

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Jordan Levenstein

second place

Secret Song

Oh my God, I love your necklace.
   Where did you get it?
That skirt looks so great on you-
   you have the best clothing in the school!
I hate her so much;
   I put on such an act when I see her.

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Kaycee Gallup

third place tie


You pick me up, you use me.
   I am nothing to you but an object.
I am tired of the scrubbing and cleaning.
   You know I have feelings too!
Ew, that’s gross! Those are anchovies!
   I never agreed to cleaning your dirty teeth.

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Mary Liza Hartong

third place tie


Mexico, or rather a beach in the east, suits me quite well.
I prefer climates that sing gently like warm mothers, like mine.
For western thrills like roller coasters don’t soothe like they promise.

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