2014 Sejong Writing Competition

Winning Entries :: Essays :: Junior third place
My Maternal Instinct

After reading “The Green Frog,” I acquired a shocking realization about what kind of big sister I am to my two younger sisters. Since there are only two characters in “The Green Frog,” most people would assume that I, a teenage girl, would be the frog that disobeyed his mother. After having read the short story, I have realized that I am the mother frog for many reasons. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be the older sister to identical twin sisters. “The Twins,” as many refer to them, have played almost every trick in the book. They have climbed into the back of a Fedex truck (which then drove away), hid under a blanket and cut each other’s eyelashes, and escaped their classroom which resulted in the school being on lockdown. These include some of the more dangerous tricks they’ve played, but they have also switched classes and taken each other’s tests, neither which resulted in an eye being stabbed or an accidental kidnapping. It is for these reasons that I would classify myself as a maternal figure rather than a disobeying child. This is very hard for me to admit, even though I have heard it from my mother many times; I believe that it is my duty to mother my sisters. Whenever they are misbehaving or acting out, I have been cursed with a maternal instinct to either scold them or lecture them. This is not a quality I am proud to possess, but “The Green Frog” has made me realize what kind of big sister I am and what changes I need to make in order to be a kind, loving big sister.

In “The Green Frog,” the frog continues to disobey his mother’s commands; my younger twin sisters almost always disobey my commands and do not listen when I tell them right from wrong. After reading “The Green Frog,” I have realized that my sisters are probably not fond of me constantly telling them what to do and how to do it, which will eventually lead in rebellion. This short story had opened a new concept into my life: stay out of Emily and Olivia’s’ business and worry about myself. Although this will be hard to get used to, I think that my whole family will be able to benefit from me keeping my mouth shut. Although in many ways, I am in fact the disobeying frog; I feel that the bossy mother frog and I had a connection. Actually, I disobey my mother by not following her instructions: “Don’t mother the twins.” Having grown up with my sisters and their crazy shenanigans for most of my life, I’ve learned to accept the fact that problems will come their way, but they do in fact have a real mother. “The Green Frog” has taught me to let go of my maternal instincts and worry about myself and keeping myself out of trouble. Not only does my mother get irritated with the way I parent my younger sisters, but they have also gotten irritated. I have received rude comments such as, “You stink at mothering. You will never be a good mother;” these comments have also made me realize that it’s beneficial to everyone to let go of my maternal instincts than constantly being put down by harsh comments. All in all, I have learned that a family is happier when there is only one mother involved in the situation. I’ve come to realize that what I’m doing is wrong, but they are my baby sisters, and I feel as if it is my duty to protect them and stand up for them. In “The Green Frog,” the frog’s mother was only trying to protect him, which exactly what I’m doing for my younger sisters. In the end of “The Green Frog”, the frog obeys his mother’s commands; there are many things that my sisters trust me with such as fashion advice, social media, and school-related topics. In the end, I know that even though my sisters don’t always appreciate my mothering, they will always be open to my advice depending on the subject. My sisters are my best friends and always people I can turn to when I need help; I’m not trying to mother them, just trying to protect them. This short story has opened my mind to new ways that could improve my relationship with the twins in the future. Family is very important to me; that’s why it’s crucial that I maintain a strong, loving relationship with them. In the future, I plan on taking in advice and lessons rather than giving it out. After hearing how the frog feels when his mother bosses him, I know see things through my sister’s perspective. As surprising as this is, I, a teenage girl, am not a disobeying frog; yet a bossy overprotective mother frog to two crazy, loving twin sisters.