2014 Sejong Writing Competition

Winning Entries :: Sijo

Hapshiba Kwon (10th grade)

first place

Rustling fabrics, I explore seas of tweed, paisley blouses, and plaid.
Tangible remembrances; your days of youth, have become mine.
Clothed in strength, now you chase no trends. Wrinkled, gray, lovely threads.


Alexandra Kindahl (12th grade)

second place


Airplanes arc with contrails like ivory streams through blue ground.
Fearless, I rise towards them, wrap my fingers around their wings.
“Your time’s up,” the prison guard yells. “Get back inside.” Slowly, I do.


Jeanna Qiu (10th grade)

third place

Lao-Ye (Grandfather)

The moon interrupts, the stars wink—the inky sky is their playfield.
In China, Grandfather climbed mountains to greet the escorts of Night.
Though now in America, he still salutes the moon and stars.


Zachary Andrews (6th grade)

honorable mention

I look at him in awe
through the lush forest, a panda wakes
Peacefully, he sits
while eating a morning snack of bamboo
getting prepared to battle extinction
as he does everyday

Serin Bok (7th grade)

honorable mention

Waves and the Twilight

Waves crash over the rocks, and tints the sand with a dark, shady tan
Tangling the dark green seaweed, sweeping the crabs onto the shore.
The sun sets against the dark shades of orange and yellow bliss.

Caleb Burton (11th grade)

honorable mention

The Veteran

A man and his rifle, alone in a field of despair.
His destiny speaks to him, as bullets cut through the broken trees.
Fallen brothers cry from graves, he soon joins their eternal darkness.

Joshua Dieball (12th grade)

honorable mention


Arrive at dusk no light in sight.
Lock the doors and check them twice.
No sounds ...but shadows of night.
Tapping, hysteria, and fright...
It was my mother, laundry tonight.
scare me...it might end my life.