2017 Sejong Writing Competition

Winning Entries :: Sijo

Clint Gersabeck (9th grade)

first place

With glowing white eyes and shining white teeth, the beast sits in silence
Staring, like a hungry caged dog, demanding to be fed
Nothing is worse than the malevolent glare of a blank page


Aidan Boyle (9th grade)

second place

Fiery, spewing lava melting everything away
A volcano rapidly roaring on this cold winter day
How that marshmallow feels in the hot chocolate, I can’t say.


Emma Senkbeil (11th grade)

third place tie


As I dash through this field of copper,
I recall cold, grey bars of steel.
Years taken but for no crime,
forgotten by those who live freely.
With a bark and a wag of my tail
I run to her, she who saved me.


Maddie Shipshock (11th grade)

third place tie

Reach for the Stars

On the moon, I plant our flag. Slow steps, through light gravity.
Surrounded by millions of stars, just me and the galaxy.
“Come inside, dinner’s ready!” Time to leave my cardboard fantasy.


Alena Fahndrick (12th grade)

honorable mention

Beach Vacation

Feel the summer ocean breeze
        Swim through calm sea waves under blue skies
Close to shore but under the sea
        Enter worlds of aquatic nature
But come back to the surface and
        See the towels and trash upon the sand.

Emma Maurer (7th grade)

honorable mention


I walk, I run, I play all day long, with mom and dad who care.
As I grow and get older I’m certain they won’t let go...
        But today I’m out on the street; I look down, my collar is gone.

Decker Riggan (11th grade)

honorable mention

Our Beloved Tree

Our peach tree. I love our tree. Our immense tree. Concealed by neighbors,
where we met, where we first kissed, our sacred place, my holy spot.
I miss you... Left heartbroken, now I mourn. Beside our peach tree.

Sarina Tajuddin (10th grade)

honorable mention

Ice Cold

The snow falls between the tombstones
        without care, without delay
Everything is simpler in white
        Snow fills up the deepest cracks
Is this truth, or a facade?
        I'm too numb to tell the difference

Samantha Taylor (12th grade)

honorable mention

Winter Wonderland

Children in the snow, laughing, playing, and making memories,
Snowball fights, hot chocolate, and telling stories by the fire.
Unless you live in the south where winter days are full of sun.

Rose Zhou (11th grade)

honorable mention

Make a Wish

Dandelion puffs rest on the ground, I lean down and pick one up
Wanting to fly, I take a deep breath, making my wish I blow out
In the air, puffs fly in the sky, but me and my wish are left behind